Monday, October 6, 2014

simplicity through structure || discipline

Discipline turns intention into action. 

Jess Lively borrows Steven Covey's idea of three big rocks. I resisted this idea for a while. Three tasks didn't feel like enough - my to-do list is long! 


I'm learning that there is a difference between a to-do list and a should-do list. That's where the discipline comes in. By committing to three big rocks, the tasks can be sifted and sorted. 

Three tasks today and three tasks tomorrow and three more tasks the day after next will create a momentum sustained by discipline. Structure without action is hollow.


  1. I'm loving your simple posts and the quotes you litter through them. Jess Lively is a favourite of mine too and I know all about 'should-ing' on myself! Looking forward to reading as you work through the 31 days.

    1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! I absolutely adore Jess Lively- I'm working through the process of distinguishing ego from intuition. You've totally reminded me that I need to catch up on my Life with Intention Online course - ha! Sometimes starting is the hardest part.


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