Tuesday, October 14, 2014

simplicity in structure || someone get me a sippy cup

I spilled coffee all over myself this morning, a day after my breakfast smoothie tumbled all over my car. A very adamant woe is me tantrum followed; tributaries of tears swelled. As much as I wanted to retreat - to crawl back into bed and declare it a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" as Alexander does in Judith Viorst's childhood classic - I didn't.


Instead, my sister and I sang our "party time" song together and I celebrated day fourteen of her thirty before thirty celebration for me. It's hard to be grumpy while wearing a pink headband.

I needed coffee still and so I decided to jog to the local Starbucks and walk home, coffee in hand. That's the beauty of simplicity in structure - I knew what to do in order to step out of that mess. There is forward progress, a freedom to say "what's next?" and then know exactly what to do, no time wasted in wallowing. 



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  1. Yay for forward progress! This is such a sweet post. Love it!


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