Friday, October 17, 2014

simplicity in structure || TGIF

Simplicity in structure is knowing that Friday evenings will be a sacred diminuendo. There is peace in the knowing that I worked hard and now I can settle into the quiet.

Years ago, it was Boy meets World and Luciano's pizza. Tonight, I watched an episode of Felicity and folded laundry, unhurriedly.


I wonder if there is a word for peaceful adventures - sunbathing on a dock instead of white water rafting. This weekend, to start Tiffany Han's 100 Rejection Letters program, I will be considering what I hope to accomplish in the next year. I am struggling to balance boldness with my yearning to feel cozy, to embrace the slow life a la Tsh Oxenreider in Notes from a Blue Bike.

Jess Lively describes this as finding meaning in the being instead of the doing.


Purpose feels tied to action - serving and creating and learning and loving.

I am going to give myself the time and space and freedom and grace to think about my intention for the next year. "Nothing happens until you decide." I agree, Oprah. I agree.

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