Friday, October 18, 2013

Look up

I was walking to my car tonight, a Friday evening spent at the lab crossing mundane items off my to-do list slow and steady, when I looked up. The groundhog that originally caught my attention was a mound of dirt but that's when I spotted her - -

- - eating at the end of the woods that borders the parking lot, the juxtaposition of nature and pavement. 

[My references and table of contents are complete for my dissertation proposal. Simple details that matter, if only to me. I am finding my ivy.]

Grateful for this glimpse of grace, I thanked God for this moment of quiet and peace. Slowly, a fawn emerged from the woods, and was followed by her sister or brother. One after another appeared- five in total. It was suppertime and I was alone but they were together eating dinner and I remembered what it was like to sit around the kitchen table as a family of four. 

I felt like Grace in Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver- privy to such an ordinary moment, I was transfixed by their trust. Neither friend nor foe. Sometimes I am so quick to pick a side but sometimes sitting on the fence offers the best view.

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