Wednesday, October 16, 2013

finding my ivy

After 4 years at Cornell and 2 more at Yale, I had grown accustomed to cold winters, pearls, and wooden desks. Traditions were honored; curiosity celebrated.

Graduate school is not quite what I expected. But seek and ye shall find.

I can decide how I want to show up, ribbon in hair and all. Let me remember that busy-ness is not the same as purpose (encouraged by Whitney English). I'm craving a routine- simplicity through structure. What do I want to accomplish each day? Sometimes, I feel so tethered to my daily to-do list that I neglect to engage in more purposeful activities, like reading journal articles and crafting ideas for future projects. My days cannot become a game of catch-up, tasks triaged. 

It's time to be my own ivy. It doesn't matter where I am or what I have or have not yet accomplished. It doesn't matter where I start, just that I do. 

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