Friday, October 4, 2013

A simple gift

My nails are painted ocean fog, a color that I discovered while at a conference in seattle. It was raining, so exploring wasn't an option. Instead, I popped into a Julep salon and allowed myself 30 minutes of quiet - a welcome respite from the hubbub that erupts when academics gather. 


My sister gifted me the polish in my very first Project Cheer package, her way of reminding me that she carries my heart in her heart with the same fierce protectiveness that I carry hers. We've dropped the big/little prefaces to our sisterhood.

Tonight, I read Lean In while indulging in a manicure & pedicure. I hunkered down, honoring my need for quiet after a particularly long work week. A restorative quiet- tonight's run in the rain.


  1. these are often my favorite moments. a quiet reprieve where it seems now one can penetrate the wall. it helps to center me as well. i am glad you had the opportunity for a restorative quiet.

  2. I know your post wasn't really about the video you posted or the sister relationship dynamic, but thank you. I have sisters, and I'm the oldest, but we're all individuals and adults now and it's time to move beyond our birth order identities. So thank you for that perspective.


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